Soil protection

Fertile soil is one of the prerequisites for human existence.

Intense building works and high demand are making this valuable resource increasingly scarce. Even the temporary demands placed on cultivated soil by construction projects (installation areas, site roads, etc.) can lead to long-term, irreversible damage if not managed correctly.


Our services:

  • Planning and conducting specialist soil analyses
  • Surveying and evaluating soil characteristics
  • Examining and mapping chemical soil contamination
  • Conducting use-focused risk assessments for contaminated soils, evaluating and appraising measures
  • Developing soil protection and recultivation plans
  • Managing excavations (inspection perimeter for excavations) and coordinating with the responsible authorities
  • Specialist soil management for construction projects outside the designated construction zone, from tendering to completion

Your contact in German-speaking Switzerland:

Lars Schudel Senior project manager: Contaminated sites and environmental planning
Certified Geographer +41 44 839 47 40 More

Case studies

N01 Anschluss Lenzburg Optimierung Süd, Bodenkundliche Baubegleitung BBB

Infolge der zunehmenden Verkehrszahlen sowie eines Unfallschwerpunkts nach VSS-Norm plante das ASTRA eine neue Autobahneinfahrt, welche fast komplett im Waldareal zu liegen kommt. Das Vorhaben ist somit mit einem grossen Verlust an Waldboden verbunden. Durch den Rückbau der bestehenden Einfahrt kann aber zusätzliche Bodenfläche in der Landwirtschaftszone geschaffen werden. Die Bodenkundliche Baubegleitung BBB wurde als Teil der Umweltbaubegleitung UBB beauftragt.


N01 Baden-West junction repair, pedological building management (PBM)

The Baden-West motorway junction was built in 1969/70 and has not been subject to major refurbishment since that time. Extensive maintenance measures were implemented for the repair of the existing infrastructure (including various engineering structures). Two areas in the agricultural zone were developed as installation places for construction site equipment. The affected soils had to be protected using suitable means and appropriately recultivated after conclusion of the construction work.


Laupen shooting range, Wald, pedological building management (PBM)

The Wald municipality (ZH) had to renovate the backstop of the Laupen shooting range, located on a steep slope in an agricultural and forest area, as a contaminated site. Due to the challenging development and large-scale recultivation, it was requested that the project be supported by pedological building management (PBM). Thanks to the use of pedological building management (PBM), the requirements for physical soil protection could be accommodated in an optimal way.


Sohr shooting range, Windisch, pedological building management (PBM)

The Windisch municipality had to redevelop the 300 m long backstop of the decommissioned Sohr shooting range, which is located in an agricultural area, in accordance with contamination laws. All concrete constructions were dismantled as part of the redevelopment and the soil was recultivated according to the requirements for a crop rotation area. The pedological building management (PBM) planned and submitted the application for soil-preserving redevelopment and recultivation of the area.