Soil Investigation for a New Construction of a Residential/Commercial Building, Oberkirch in the Canton of Lucerne

The project

Location: Oberkirch in the canton of Lucerne
Customer: UTO Real Estate Management AG
Phases: Soil investigation, determination of permeability
Duration: 2017


For the planned new construction, an assessment of the geological and hydrogeological conditions was performed. Core drilling and percussion drilling were evaluated, as well as a pumping test. The soil investigation includes information regarding the compactness/density and load-bearing capacity of the subsoil, possible type of foundation, excavation bracing options, rain water seepage and indications of any difficulties/complexities with regards to future development.


Our services

  • Clarifying the soil situation, evaluating core drilling and dynamic probing
  • Creation of a soil model, specification of soil characteristics
  • Structural recommendations regarding the foundation, pit design, etc.
  • Supporting the excavation work
  • Ground approvals
  • Triaging contaminated materials


  • Soils of moderate load-bearing capacity; partially strong artificial fillings
  • Partial material replacement under the load-bearing floor slabs
  • Presence of contaminated excavated material
  • Tight spatial conditions

Project manager:

Domokos Fazakas Project manager: contaminated sites and building land
Diploma in Geological Engineering +41 44 839 47 98 More