Soil Investigation and Clarifications of Groundwater Conditions, Recycling Plant New Construction, Hinwil

The project

Location: Hinwil in the canton of Z├╝rich
Customer: Keller Recycling AG
Phases: Soil investigation, clarification of the groundwater conditions, material replacement plan
Duration: 2020


The new construction of a recycling plant is planned on the site. Ecosens AG has explored the geological and hydrogeological conditions by means of core drilling, standard penetration tests (SPT) and pumping tests. A soil model was produced with a detailed description of the geological layers. In addition, construction engineering recommendations concerning the foundation and excavation pit design were made. Pumping tests were also evaluated to determine the permeability of the aquifer. As part of a material replacement plan, calculations were performed to obtain the natural flow capacity of the subsoil.


Our services

  • Clarification of the soil situation, evaluation of core drilling and SPT tests
  • Creation of a soil model, analysis of all subsoil layers from a geotechnical perspective in relation to the new build
  • Detailed description and depiction of the local groundwater conditions, evaluation of pumping tests, calculating flow capacity
  • Creation of a material replacement plan to obtain the flow capacity


  • Tight spatial conditions, proximity to SBB railway tracks
  • Foundation depth approx. 8 m under the ground
  • Usable groundwater reserves; installations partially below the water table
  • Rock surface is heavily weathered in part

Project manager:

Domokos Fazakas Project manager: contaminated sites and building land
Diploma in Geological Engineering +41 44 839 47 98 More