Remediation monitoring of mould remediation at a child-care centre

The project

Location: Municipality in the Canton of Zurich
Customer: Municipal administration
Reason: Remediation monitoring following mould remediation at a child-care centre
Period: 2019


Ecosens AG was tasked by the administration of a municipality in the Canton of Zurich to carry out final monitoring of the remediation of large-scale mould damage at a child-care centre. The entire floor structure and separating walls made of wood -based panels were removed and replaced up to a height of 1.5 m as part of the mould remediation work carried out by a specialised company.
During remediation control, the facilities were visually inspected for any remaining mould infestation and humidity in the materials. To release the facilities for reconstruction, a total mould spore measurement was carried out in the indoor air. The determination of the total mould spore count is particularly important for confirming the success of the remediation measures, as disinfectants were used during remediation. Determination of the total spore count can therefore be used to ensure that the mould was not only eliminated, but that it was also effectively removed by fine cleaning following disinfectant use.
The site inspection and air measurements indicated that remediation of the child-care centre had been duly performed. Reconstruction could subsequently commence.


Our services

  • Visual and metrological monitoring of mould remediation according to current directives
  • Performance of a total spore count of the indoor air to include spores that are no longer germinable


  • Rapid processing and analysis time to facilitate speedy building progress
  • Thorough visual monitoring to exclude any remaining mould infestation
  • Representative sampling of facilities
  • Communication with building management and the municipal administration

Project manager:

Raphael Rapold Project Manager: Inddor air quality
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