Monitoring the formaldehyde remediation of a school building

The project

Location: Municipality in the Canton of Zurich
Municipal administration
Phases: Formaldehyde remediation monitoring
Period: 2020


Increased formaldehyde concentrations in the indoor air were found to be the cause of health problems among teaching staff in a school building in the Canton of Zurich. Formaldehyde is used in the production of synthetic resins, which are in turn used in the production of chipboard and other laminated wood materials. Formaldehyde in the indoor air irritates the eyes and the upper respiratory tract. The indoor air in the classrooms of the affected school building showed increased formaldehyde concentrations in many places. In spite of the various measures taken, the concentrations remained above the legal guidelines.

Ecosens AG was tasked by the municipal administration with planning and monitoring the formaldehyde remediation work. A sustainable solution for the reduction of formaldehyde contamination is the removal of the sources. The formaldehyde sources identified by emission measurements were therefore collected and removed as part of the remediation concept. The overall effect on the indoor air and adherence to the legal health limits were verified by measurements as part of a pilot remediation project. The classrooms could then be refurbished using materials that contained little/no formaldehyde.


Our services

  • Development of a remediation concept for the hazardous material formaldehyde
  • Consulting and monitoring before and during remediation work.
  • Metrological monitoring of formaldehyde remediation according to current directives


  • Early development of a remediation concept and execution of a pilot remediation project to prevent problems during general remediation.
  • Inclusion of seasonal fluctuations of the emission behaviour of formaldehyde from construction materials in our predictions.
  • Thorough metrological monitoring under comparable conditions

Project manager:

Raphael Rapold Project Manager: Inddor air quality
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