Lonza AG Legal advice on contaminated sites

The Project

Location: Valais
Customers: Lonza AG
Period: 2011 - current

The Canton of Valais, Lonza AG, National Roads (cantonal and federal) as well as the municipalities of Visp, Raron, Baltschieder and Niedergesteln agreed in December 2017 on a way of dividing the costs for the remediation of mercury-contaminated soils. The remediation of the sites in the residential area between Visp and Raron that contain more than 2 mg mercury per kilogramme of soil, and of the sites in the agricultural area that contain more than 20 mg mercury per kilogramme of soil, will be financed within the framework of this agreement. Ecosens AG lawyers supported Lonza AG in compiling this agreement by giving legal advice on contaminated sites.

Our services

  • Legal advice on all legal issues relating to contaminated sites in connection with the investigation and remediation of the mercury-contaminated areas along the Grossgrundkanal in Valais.
  • Legal support of Lonza AG regarding contaminated sites within the context of contracts with authorities, administrative law proceedings concerning the qualification of contaminated sites, drafting contracts about cost allocation and approval procedures in connection with the transaction of contaminated land



  • Complex factual and legal issues in connection with cost obligations according to Article 32d of the Swiss Environmental Protection Act (USG)
  • Reconciliation of the interests of various parties
  • Spatially extensive contamination with a large number of affected parties
  • Financial risks due to remediation costs
  • Coordination of the structural development of the industrial site with implementation of the measures required under contaminated site laws

Project manager:

Lorenz Lehmann Executive partner, president of the board of directors
lic. iur. Zurich University, solicitor
llehmann@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 80 More