Legal Study Related to the Contaminated Site of a Former Electroplating Shop in Obfelden in the Canton of Zürich

The project

Location: Obfelden in the Canton of Zürich
Customer: Ownership (ANDONO AG)
Phases: Suppl. technical investigation, Detailed investigation, Cost allocation procedure, Sale of the land plot
Duration: 2016-2021
Building costs: CHF 150,000 - including third-party costs


As a result of the approx. 40-year operation of an electroplating shop in Obfelden, the site was entered into the Register of Contaminated Sites (KbS). In addition to chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs), various heavy metals (particularly chromate) and non-chlorinated cooling lubricants were also used in the electroplating shop. The site was historically and technically examined as early as in 1995 and in 2010/2011, whereby the pollution of the soil and the pore air was proven. Due to criteria for the assessment of sites with CHC pollution not existing at the time, further studies were postponed. A legal study pertaining to the contaminated site was recommenced in 2016. The results of additional studies enabled the demarcation of the site and its classification as a contaminated site. The sites were classed as needing rehabilitation in terms of CHCs and chromate. The classification and the orders from the authorities for the apportionment of costs were the basis for the intended transfer of ownership, which was able to occur in 2020/2021 with the consent of AWEL (the Swiss Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air).


Our services

  • Study of existing analyses, evaluation of gaps in knowledge, drafting of a technical specification for the supplementary technical investigation
  • Conducting of additional technical investigations (dynamic probing, core drilling, groundwater analyses) including a technical specification for detailed investigation and monitoring
  • Conducting detailed investigations (core drilling, analysis of groundwater and surface water), GW monitoring
  • Technical and legal advice for the customer on all project phases, including in relation to the sale, phased adjustments to cost estimates


  • Groundwater conditions not clear and the rock surface (impermeable layer) irregular
  • Overlaying of several harmful substances with different characteristics (CHCs, chromate, various other heavy metals, mineral oils)
  • Placing of bore holes within the site was cumbersome due to the tight spatial conditions, floor heating, site utility lines and ongoing operations
  • Interpretation and plausibility checks of the results of the investigation due to partially missing information on the history, as well as unclear, changing conditions of the groundwater

Project manager:

Melanie Vögtli Co-divisional manager: Contaminated sites
MSc Environmental Engineering, ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) +41 44 839 47 71 More

Thomas Kull Stv. Ressortleiter Altlasten, Senior-Projektleiter Altlasten
Dipl. natw. ETH (Biologie)
Dipl. Ing. Informatik NDS +41 44 839 47 84 Mehr