Legacy Management Rio Tinto Switzerland, legal and specialised technical support

The project

Place: Zurich and Wallis
Customers: Metallwerke Refonda AG, Alcan Holdings Switzerland, Rio Tinto
Period: 2000 - today


With the acquisition of ALCAN in 2007, the Rio Tinto mining company has also taken over the industrial legacy of aluminium production at the sites of the former Alusuisse company. Following the discontinuation of operational activities, numerous sites have to be redeveloped according to the contamination laws and put to new use. This poses many legal and technical questions.


Our services

  • Legal consulting and representation regarding all contamination law matters in connection with the investigation, renovation and divestiture at various operating and depositing sites in Zurich and Wallis
  • Interaction with the authorities, development of contracts, approval processes, sureties, appeal procedures regarding real performance obligations and cost allocation
  • Specialised technical consulting regarding all issues of contaminated site management (preliminary investigations, detailed investigations, rehabilitation projects, disposal, etc.)


  • Complex approval procedures for large real estate transactions involving sites that require rehabilitation and security issues
  • Overview of numerous and large operating and landfill sites with major contamination issues
  • Different provincial enforcement practices

Project manager:

Lorenz Lehmann Executive partner, president of the board of directors
lic. iur. Zurich University, solicitor
llehmann@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 80 More