Geriatric Clinic, St. Gallen, Building inspection with subsequent planning and project management

The project

Location: St. Gallen (SG)
Geriatric Clinic, St. Gallen
Construction management: Walter Dietsche Baumanagement AG, Mr Stephan Brunner
Phases: Building inspection, planning, project management
Period: 2012 - 2019
Total costs: CHF 65,000


Between 2017 and 2019, the geriatric clinic underwent renovation and refurbishment. As part of the construction project, a section of the building was demolished in order to extend the building.
In the course of the hazardous material survey, various building components and materials containing asbestos were discovered in the building. These were professionally removed and remediated over the course of three years. Part of the clinic continued to operate during the remediation works. Ecosens AG provided specialist, metrological management of the project.


Our services

  • Carrying out a building inspection and a subsequent detailed evaluation to ascertain the extent of the contamination in the building
  • Presenting the results in a continually updated report incorporating the latest findings and detailed contamination maps
  • Compiling submissions documentation for removing the hazardous materials over a three-year period
  • Regular building site inspections as part of the remediation work (zone inspections prior to the removal of hazardous materials, visual and metrological inspections following successful decontamination)
  • Ongoing inspections to determine the extent of contamination
  • Assisting the construction manager with the decontamination specialist’s invoicing
  • Compiling a final document which was updated after the completion of each stage


  • Conducting hazardous materials surveys while the acute work of the clinic continued
  • Planning the three-year multi-stage project to remove the hazardous materials
  • At times, the remediation project was carried out while the acute work of the clinic continued
  • The partial demolition of a section of the building during the remediation and alteration work
  • Large remediation zones spread across all storeys of the facility

Project manager:

Katrin Tanneberger Co-divisional manager: Hazardous materials in buildings
Dr. rer. nat. Leipzig University +41 44 839 47 46 More

Ramona Seling Project Manager: Hazardous Materials in Buildings
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (University of Applied Sciences) +41 44 839 47 48 More