Environmental Due Diligence Phase I, Legal Compliance Review for a decommissioned paper factory in Biberist, Switzerland

The project

Customer: Real estate investor
Performance area: Environmental due diligence assessment Phase I
Project description: Environmental due diligence assessment as part of the acquisition of a decommissioned production site of a paper factory in Switzerland. Analysis and evaluation of a site for potential development of the area by the investor with regard to the criteria environment, installations and infrastructure, site environment and natural risks in order to identify, evaluate and quantify potential investment risks.
Reason: Evaluation of the environmental risks in connection with the purchase of the area.
Investigation of compliance with the valid environmental regulations and determination of any environment-related investment and liability risks. Investigation of compliance with the applicable environmental protection regulations and determination of any liability risks.
Period: 2012


Our services

  • Examination of the site regarding compliance with environmental law requirements and determination of environmental liability risks as well as their financial impacts
  • Evaluation of ground contamination and hazardous materials in buildings
  • Evaluation of the environment-related general situation
  • Risk quantification and cost estimate for different scenarios in connection with the site development


Customer benefit

  • Planning and cost security
  • Technical basis for the evaluation of identified investment risks

Project manager:

Daniel Aegerter Partner, Divisional manager: Environment, Due Diligence and Compliance
Diploma in Environmental Sciences ETH (Federal Institute of Technology)
daegerter@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 78 More