OPA Foundation site management

Site management for building pollutants and contaminated site remediation, Leutschenbachstrasse 75, Zurich

The OPA (Objective Polyglot Apprenticeship) Foundation is currently constructing a new residential and training building at Leutschenbachstrasse 75, which is intended to house up to 60 adolescents and young adults. Ecosens AG was able to support the OPA Foundation with the detailed clarification and planning, submission and implementation of pollutant remediation of the building substance as well as the removal of pollutants from the subsoil.

Pollutant remediation was carried out on the existing building during the summer of 2019. Components containing asbestos, PAH and PCB were monitored as part of the site management and Private Control 3.11 activities and professionally disposed of. As the land appears in the land register of contaminated sites (KbS) as a contaminated operating site, the authorities also required monitoring of the construction project as part of Private Control 3.10. The excavation work took place between August 2019 and April 2020; due to the complex procedure of excavation work, triage and excavation pit safeguarding, this required intensive monitoring and coordination between the parties concerned. The disposal of the remaining contamination along the perimeters of the land took place during the summer and fall of 2020. The decontamination of the pollutant in the subsoil was successfully completed and the conditions to be removed from the KbS were fulfilled.

Your contact person:

Michael Rüffer

Partner, Senior Project Manager for Contaminated Sites