Asbestos survey of Wincasa apartments

The project

Location: Lausanne
Wincasa management
Phases: planning
Period: 2019-2020
Total costs: --


The management of the Wincasa project regularly consulted us as part of its rental property management services. Ecosens carried out work in the Lausanne region on several occasions to do apartment surveys, as and when tenants moved. In this case it is important to adapt to regional regulations and to keep up to date to anticipate any problems that might arise from the various existing procedures.


Our services

  • Intermittent contamination surveys of apartments and the commonly used parts of buildings


  • Rapid and cost-effective processing of small items, while adhering to current regulations

Project manager:

Stefan Fuchs Partner, Fribourg branch manager
Diploma in Geological Sciences BENEFRI UniFR Geologist CHGEOL +41 26 422 39 55 More