Ambient air testing in accordance with Minergie-ECO at Gönhard School’s new building in Aarau

The project

Location: Aarau (AG)
Client: Aarau municipal planning and building control office
Phases: Implementation
Duration: 2019


A new building was added to the existing Gönhard School facility, providing additional space for the primary school, the preschool and the music school.
The new building was designed in line with Minergie-ECO guidelines. To successfully obtain certification once the construction work is complete, ambient air testing must be conducted. This monitors the ambient air for contamination from materials and construction. These tests must be conducted by a state-approved testing body.

Ecosens AG achieved the corresponding S-Cert AG certification in 2014.


Our services

  • Planning and conducting ambient air testing for formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (TVOCs)
  • Recording concentrations of CO2 in classrooms over several weeks to monitor the ventilation system
  • Performing comparative testing in existing classrooms
  • Evaluating the results of analyses and comparing them with Minergie-ECO requirements
  • Preparing a final report


  • Establishing typical testing points
  • Coordinating the testing schedule
  • Preparing a report that is both easy to understand and corresponds with Minergie-ECO requirements
  • Assessing the health and toxicological impact of the testing in the rooms used for comparison
  • Delivering recommendations to improve the air quality in these rooms 

Project manager:

Pascal Diefenbacher Ressortleiter Raumluftqualität
Dr. sc. ETH, Umwelt-Natw. +41 44 839 47 97 Mehr