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Occupational Safety and Health

Ecosens recommends hygiene and safety at work

The loss of working hours as a result of accidents at work or occupational illnesses not only produces human suffering, but also cause significant costs for the companies.

The indirect and, thereby, invisible costs arising from loss of working hours often exceed the direct costs (also through replacement of the absent person).  In many cases it is possible to reduce the risks of industrial accidents or occupational illnesses with appropriate projects and measures.
Safety and health protection at the workplace gained new importance following EKAS regulation No. 6508 on the consultation of experts regarding workplace safety, which was revised in 2007. Firms are increasingly given responsibility for workplace safety. A central element is the determination of dangers. This includes the following elements:

  • Risks of industrial accidents (industrial safety)
  • Risks of chemical, biological and physical effects (occupational hygiene)
  • Effects from working tools, environment and organisation (ergonomics)

Ecosens AG supports companies in the determination and assessment of risks concerning workplace and health safety as well as in the determination and implementation of the necessary safety measures.