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Interior room contamination -

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Interior room contamination -

Ecosens identifies, assesses and removes the reasons for poor interior room quality

A poor room environment can make people sick. Quite often this results in headaches, eye irritation, dizziness, allergies, fatigue and other symptoms. The employees’ performance is affected. Illness-related absenteeism increases. The employer’s costs increase. This often results in an increasing number of doctor’s visits and even hospital stays for the affected employees.

There are multiple reasons for a poor room environment. Modern windows and doors make the room virtually airtight. This is, of course, intentional. However, the drawback is that the air in the room is not circulated and replaced enough: The amount of contaminants increases. Building damage and incorrect tenant behaviour can lead to moisture problems and mould. Inappropriate combination of building materials can lead to unwanted chemical reactions, and thus health-related problems.
A poor room environment can also have unpleasant legal consequences: Lawsuits and claims from those affected.
Ecosens offers a comprehensive service package regarding interior room contamination and «Sick Building Syndrome». Our qualified experts will conduct building assessments and determine sources of contamination. They assess the required actions at both a technical and legal level, and show the ways and means for further activity.
Aside from the consulting and planning phases, we will also assume the accompaniment of functional redevelopment, the monitoring of the redevelopment process, and communication with the authorities.
Interior room quality is a demanding topic. Use Ecosens’ comprehensive service package and you’ll be on the safe side – both technically and legally.