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Environmental planning / EIA

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Environmental planning / EIA

Ecosens assesses projects’ environmental effects and plans protective measures

Ecosens possesses comprehensive knowledge and an overview of the environmental domain as a whole – as well as specialised expert knowledge in the individual specialised disciplines.

We can thus support you with all environmental impact assessments (EIA) and environmental impact reports (EIR), as well as provide expert opinions in various environmental areas.
We list for you as building owner the ways in which – for the attention of the decision-making authoritative body – your project will adhere to authoritative environmental law for all of the facility types listed in the appendix to the EIA regulation. The EIA provides an overview of the expected impacts of a planned facility on the environment for the building owner, the responsible professional departments and authorities, as well as the affected public. The thereby attained improvements of the project understanding often speed up the course of the procedure.

Our most important services in the area of environmental planning / EIA are:

  • Procedure and process consulting during EIA-obligatory projects
  • Complete environmental impact reports (EIR)
  • Environmental construction supervision
  • Project management and building owner support in environmentally-relevant overall projects
  • Expert opinions, planning, concepts and cost-benefit studies in the sectors of air hygiene, soundproofing, non-ionised radiation, waste management as well as nature, water and ground protection
  • Risk analyses of stationary equipment (including chemical/pharmaceutical) and transportation routes
  • Support of building owners and approving authorities (cantons/municipalities) in comprehensive, sustainable building: Operating and grey energy, building material evaluation, hazardous building materials, interior climate, life cycle analyses, environmental design, mobility, standards and certifications.

At Ecosens, you’ll receive comprehensive environmental advice. Our strengths are target-oriented and creative solutions.