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Environmental Due Diligence

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Environmental Due Diligence

Ecosens scans a company and analyses weak points

Company transactions involve not only considerable risks as to the economic, legal and tax aspects, but also regarding environmental and occupational safety.

With environmental due diligence, we identify all environmental risks of a location. Due diligence means the necessary care that the buyers in a transaction must apply in order to recognise the risks associated with the property to be purchased.
We advise you regarding the adherence with environmental regulations and determine the liability risks associated with legal non-compliance. Finally, we can clarify the risks associated with a legal succession.
The exact scope of appraisal will be determined on a case-by-case basis in collaboration with the contractor. Our procedure is as follows:

  • Analysis of publicly accessible documents and documents provided by the company as well as checking information during a specific data period
  • Obtaining information on the history of the current location use by interviewing location representatives; for larger portfolios, we use a survey
  • Physical inspection of the location with a special focus on asbestos, production processes, in-house technical equipment, storage of dangerous materials, etc
  • If required, implementation of technical analyses of the soil, groundwater and structural fabric including – by working in cooperation with a short-term deployable drill team – taking soil samples and determining the pollutant content
  • In the conclusions, the environmental risks are identified, the need for action documented and the related cost risks estimated
  • If necessary, our lawyers offer support with the consideration of the obtained information in the transaction contracts

The analyses are conducted in accordance with the most recent requirements (for example, environmental due diligence phase I and II in accordance with the standard requirements of ASTM).
Our goal is to be able to offer you security and transparency for the planned transaction!