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Ecosens offers comprehensive asbestos consulting: Appraisals, technical planning and construction management

Since 1991, legislation prohibits the use of products containing asbestos in buildings. Although many buildings using the mineral were renovated at the beginning of the 1990s, it still exists in varying quantities in countless residential, office and industrial sites, and in public buildings (schools, administrative offices, hospitals, etc.).

A distinction is made between loosely-bound asbestos applications (e.g. sprayed asbestos, ceiling and fire panels, pipe lagging) and firmly-bound asbestos (e.g. fibrated cement panels and pipes).
Asbestos fibres are frequently linked to health dangers or high clean-up costs. Hence, no one wants to buy a property contaminated with parts containing asbestos. Cautious property owners want to know whether and where asbestos exists, and how it should be dealt with. This is often accompanied by the big question of whether a clean-up is needed. Finally, it must also be determined who is liable for the costs.

Ecosens AG has qualified experts, proven experience and tried-and-tested tools to answer precisely these kinds of questions. Our scientists and building specialists collect and review sources of asbestos within the scope of a building check, and are in the position to measure the concentration of asbestos fibres using recognised methods. They assess the need for action and support you in the planning and execution of asbestos clean-up operations.
Our lawyers are available to answer legal questions in connection with asbestos (e.g. for assessing public-sector obligations, or for claims under guarantee in contracts of sale).
Asbestos removal and decontamination is a controversial issue. The experts at Ecosens are tackling the issue – and can also provide you with the legal framework for this very complex topic.